Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Logical Politics (there's a misnomer for ya)

Oh how these Presidential debates can provide us bloggers with an abundance of material! I could write for days about how these politicians (Presidential and local) remind me of 4th graders in adult bodies. He said, she said, he's a liar, he's a cheat... pathetic and embarrassing to our country. So why am I not blogging till my fingers go numb? For me personally I'm just bored with this same go'round every four years and when it comes to the candidates it's more of a popularity contest than it is about what's best for our country. For example; the US is basically a business. It has revenue and expenses, policies and procedures, security and the gathering of intelligence, all much like a large corporation. So, if that Corp is in dire straights and going belly up who are you going to bring in as a new CEO? Well back in the 80's Chrysler brought in Lee Iacocca and turned a bankrupt company into one of the largest most prosperous automobile manufacturers in the world. What's my point? My point is our country is in need of someone who can run a business, someone who has experience and success running a business and someone who will have a cabinet that also knows business. Yes, that would be Romney. I'm not a big Romney fan but it only makes logical sense to bring in a business guy to fix our business problems. But when it comes to elections it's clearly not about logic or what's best for our country anymore. We would rather demonize a guy that has made a good life for himself and his family, a guy that still pays more in taxes in one year than most of us will in a lifetime. What's the big deal if he's rich? This country needs the rich more than we need the poor! Can I get an amen?!


  1. Since we are a free society, we will always have the rich and the poor. I think it better to say richer or poorer- we are better off free than socialistic where no one is permitted to be better off than anyone else. If everyone was rich who would do the work? Is ones self worth measured by their percieved wealth?? NO!
    We need the poorer and the richer, both contribute greatly to our form of life as Americans. I work--not rich but I don't envy the rich. God told us not to covet, or envy, and that seems to not be something I personally have struggled with, but many do. Obama has tried very hard to promote class envy.

    As far as Iacocca, fine he saved a bankrupt company-but Obama nationalized GM. It's been subsized by taxpayers to make UAWs unfunded liabilities,,,,funded! Bet they are thrilled that the "Hero" saved the pensions. Problem is this is theft and unconstitutional. Its socialistic. Better for GM to go bankrupt (which would reorganize their priorities and get on with business) w/o gov interfering. Now they are on the hook. The gov can now pick winners and loosers.

    This election will decide if we will remain capitalistic nation or choose socialism. BO is a Markist in his direction, and that opens the door for socialism. Three to four SC justices will be replaced the next four years. If the conservatives can't get elected-and get majority members in the house and senate, this country will embrace socialism-the constitution will be done for. So called social justice will be the norm and all will be in misery.

    Its been a long time coming-schools have been teaching or rather training our children to be good little marksist children for about 75 years. Dutifully every new year they bring the required items for the "collective" so the bureaucrats can distribute it "fairly". No need for anyone to be charitable. Every one loved KIM JUNG IL, he provided ALL their blessings, but not one could help another. And you hoped he liked you too!

    Do you think it will be over after this election? I think people are waking up to the fact that if they fall asleep again, when they wake up America will be Amerika.

    Candidate Romney has personally donated 1,000% more to charity from his blessing than O or B combined and given of himself (time). I admire him for that--Obama hates him for that.

    Realise, that communism will not just dissappear, it will just hide for awhile. Even after this election and all to follow, we must campain against it-forever. Day and night they persue the social utopia, the utopia that steals all desire and relevance- under which few of them have ever lived, and masses came here to escape.

    I pray my grandkids will understand the wealth and richness and responsibility G-d has bestowed upon this country.If you love your country, keep awake, fight, keep looking for the truth, do not vote for a liar, and pray.

    Pray for a man with CHARACTER to lead this country back to the great country that it was. Like most of our Founding fathers esp ABE and George!

    A poor man with pure and humble heart is wiser and richer than a rich man with a lying, evil soul.

    My fear is that we have been led to believe that good is evil, and that evil is good.

  2. I won't sit here and pretend to know anything about politics, because honestly I don't know a thing. For some reason the last election I had more interest in. This election, I can't seem to motivate myself to dive deeper to get to know anyone. I will say right now that I don't care for Obama. I didn't vote for him last election. I watched every debate/forum and I didn't like what I heard/seen. But this election... I almost have an "I don't care" mentality. I know that's horrible, but it's the truth. Whoever wins is going to win and like Jeff said, it's more of a popularity vote than anything else.

  3. No one can make you care Carla. but think about this. Maybe you think politics don't impact your life much, but they do now and in the future, and you do have a future.

    I never liked history but now I see historical significance and lessons from the past of decisions made, good or bad,for this country----well, how they affect the US. Is it necessary or even moral, to repeat an idelogical atrocity b/c of a personal agenda or ideology? Or desire to remain in power? Do the ends justify the means? Never. This is why some politicians lie,,they actually believe their lies are OK! Our constitution protects us from this and we must protect our leading priciples b/c EVIL NEVER SLEEPS.

    Look to Spain and Greece over there! Do we want to head in that direction?? G-d help us. I realize it may turn out that way. Check out the governance of Red vs Blue states. Red, being led by conservative principles are generally more fiscally sound, have higher employment and lower taxes--its a no brainer for better chances for success of the individual. The absolute best examples of state failure are Detroit, Chigaco, California, now these bankrupt cities and whole states will want the successful to keep them afloat by spreading the wealth. Poor decisions and failures in management doesnt give gov rights to my personal property, or yours. The paycheck you get is your personal property. Should we just throw it all in a big pot and divy it up between the states?
    No, that is collectivism and it causes resentment pain and misery for everyone, not to mention poverty.

    I read a report on the Holomodor,to learn about collectivism, an example of forced contribution of personal property for the good of the collective, very extreme, and very informative. very deadly. There is not one country where the collective utopia has turned out to be utopia.

    Socialism sounds good in theory, but never works in practice because of the human spirit. It is counter to the human spirit of individualism, and G-d created you for freedom, we are not made for the limitations of collectivism!

    Our constitution maximises the freedom of our spirit to achieve albiet not w/o struggle. It is worth fighting for!!

    Yes Jeff is right, this gets old--and hard until you get into it. Butlooking to the past experiments into the ways leaders have tried to govern people shows us what direction not to take under any circumstances.

    Change is slow and careful in a republic, sudden and dramatic is a revolution. We vote, in part, to avoid revolution, and because evil never sleeps-it's true.

    May you make the best decision with the information you have, and I hope you look in the right places for the answers!

    We have to learn some of this stuff on our own. I did, so can you!!